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The Contingent Movements Archive is an online archival arena speculating on the future of the Maldives, which due to sea level rise is predicted to be submerged within the next one hundred years.

Landmasses have disappeared before. Over thousands of years geological shifts and fluctuating sea levels have shaped migratory patterns and cultural evolution. But the complete disappearance of a nation state beneath the ocean is unprecedented in modern times, and the questions that arise in the face of this situation throw current international laws and issues of cultural continuity into disarray.

The Contingent Movements Archive seeks to unpack the problematics and possibilities of the anticipated submersion and dissolution of the Maldives, and to explore these contingencies within a global context. The project draws together a wide range of perspectives to map out potential migration scenarios for the permanently displaced population and its culture.

The archive will be built up over the period of the 55th Venice Biennale, with critical input from the Contingent Movements Symposium, to be held at the Maldives Pavilion.