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Eye See Experience is a collective art presentation company, where group of artist work to gather to present an experimental and create Visual Experiences.

As we are the the generation which grow up while sitting in front of our Televisions, we exactly know when we see something interesting to watch. But today's televisions became boring, and art got out of the box we used to sit down and look through. Projectors and Massive LED panels started covering huge surfaces with colors and patterns. With the Art we grew in our heart, and the technology we lay our hands on, we decided to recreate what was once interesting to see. We wanted to feed the eyes and the souls with that unexplainable feeling they had while watching television for the very first time. Coming from this background and the love to art and technology, We have been providing the Middle East and the world with Eye Seeing Experiences since 2007. From Beirut to Dubai, Syria to Jordan, Armenia to Berlin, and even all the way to Hollywood, USA. We've been feeding thousands of Eyes in various Clubs, Venues, Corporate Events, as well as Festivals, with the best Seeing Experience.

Our core services started with:

- Live Visual/Video Jockeying
- Content creation

As we grew older and more involved, the technology grew with us, and we became more demanding. Thus, our Service has evolved to include:

- Stage design
- Technical Setup
- Visual Mapping
- Pixel Mapping
- 3D Mapping
- Interior Mapping

With the emerging technology of 3D cameras and various sensors, our current focus is being directed into mixing human interaction with visual experience. As we believe, every human has an artistic touch, we are working on interactive visuals which will give your Eye Seeing Experience the sense of controls on what you see and more pleasure.

On another hand, a new and younger company come from Eye See Experience, it's called Locolights. A specialized company in preparing customized and portable Lighting. Locollights will provide the Craziest Costumes and Accessories for Entertainment Artists and anyone interested.

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