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I'm Maria Simonelli and I work and play at the intersection of capacity building, creativity and sustainability.
I'm also the creator and facilitator of Sweet Spot Careers and offer a range of services and programs that supports mid-career or midlife professionals to find clarity, overcome fears and create a career they love. I work with 35-55 year old professionals who are ready to make an informed and conscious career choice, and help them create positive and lasting career changes.

My mission is help people find that career sweet spot that matches their talents/abilities with their passions/ values in an environment that’s supports and rewards them, and remind them it's never too late. So “ Tell me what it is you plan to do with this one wild and precious life”

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  1. Great Experience and very grateful to be chosen and involved with such an amazing group of artists and professionals. Thanks to Gin for capturing this. Best wishes Maria
  2. Luv this- appreciate your commitment