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San Bernardino County,CA.

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I am using Vimeo as an Online Video format to express the "hour" that e are in.
"The countdown" to Eternity has begun! There is no turning back.
As a staunch follower of Jesus Christ, and as His "Kingdom Man", I am fully committed to carrying out His will here on Earth. There ill be naysayers who will laugh all this "Jesus Stuff" off, but you are not going where I am going.
Unless!, you decide to accept His "incredible" love for you. Therefore, I dedicate this site to "Kingdom Development".
This is for those of you ho are all about Christ- and the Kingdom Agenda. Let us link arms, and move bravely forward for the cause of Christ.!


  1. Creative Media Group
  3. ColdWater Media
  4. Water of Life Community Church
  5. Tony Evans TV
  6. Elevation Church
  7. The Rock | A Foursquare Church
  8. Patrick Corpataux
  9. Water of Life Media
  10. Ruslan Fedotow
  11. hopeinchrist
  12. Potter's Field Ministries
  13. PGW2013
  14. Purity Coalition
  15. Vincent Urban
  16. Street Miracles

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