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  1. Hi Sergi, Tommy is working over the weekend, but I'll ask him to follow up with you again next week. He's our resident expert on this topic. :)
  2. yes, I can log on now, but what a surprise: there's no HD quality streaming. It's all streaming in low quality and these's no adjustments. Are you planning to allow HD content streaming any time soon. So far this app is useless for me. I uninstalled it.
  3. We had an issue for a few hours yesterday with apps and connected devices not able to log in, are you still having trouble?
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Captivate, Asus Transformer Infinity.
  5. Sorry for the trouble, Sergi. What devices are you using the Vimeo app on that you can't log in with?
  6. same here. from what I know this problem has been there for a year with no resolution. Same prob for iphone.
  7. How come the problem that was reported a year ago is not fixed yet. There's absolutely no way to log-in on Android phones or an IPhone. I've tried to do this on several Android models with the same result. Re-installing, rebooting, cleaning cache…