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  1. Merola Films

    Merola Films PRO


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    http://ericmerola.com Eric Merola – Writer, Director and Producer Eric Merola began his career as a motions graphics designer and animator after founding Merola Productions and was commissioned by various TV & film clients including WE Network, Fuel TV and Speed Channel. He was also employed…

  2. seeing the everyday

    seeing the everyday Cambridge, Mass


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    Seeing the everyday is a magazine and a way of living. It is choosing to see daily activities as opportunities to connect, feel, and interact—to be a part of one another’s life. As we do this we see that nothing is really routine when seen through the lens of our relationships.

  3. Stephen Shively
  4. Western Seminary

    Western Seminary Plus Portland, Sacramento, San Jose,


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    Western Seminary is an evangelical, non-denominational theological seminary with campuses in Portland, Oregon, San Jose and Sacramento, California and Online.

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