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St. Louis, Chicago, Mexico City

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Praise God! Seek truth, and joy!


  1. The Perennial Plate
  2. CoHTV
  3. MCCNY
  4. LifeJourney Church
  5. MCC of Greater Saint Louis
  6. Metropolitan Community Churches

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  1. Incredible celebration! Wonderful sermon! Thank you for sharing the outstanding music! I am so grateful to have MCCNY back in the Vimeo feed again!
  2. This was beautiful and powerful. Thank you Lillie! A lot of important truth in here.
  3. Nice Drag Neil! Y'all are a blessing. Thank you for sharing your ministry online.
  4. Great service as always. I love when Esperanza represents! Thank you Isabel for reminding us that ALL our families, Allies and Queer together, is what we are working for. A true and whole church for everyone reflecting God's love for all.
  5. What a fantastic way to bring this series to a culmination. Thank you all for always being here for me to watch, and thank you Alberto for your powerful, if gassy, message! lol KIDDING! Paz et Bonum!!!
  6. Brian Sieve commented on reClaim
    Great job pastor! Remember, in the 80s we danced on the 2 and the 4, never on the 1 and the 3. lol
  7. I can't find words to express the power of this Worship. The sermon was beyond! The music as always incredible, especially "It's not Over!" Again, I praise God in gratitude for your internet ministry.