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We Design to Create.

Here at Fantan, we believe that group engagement is a craft and design is the first step; we design intelligent, fluid processes that connect people and ideas.

We co-design for all sorts of companies, governments and new ventures in Entertainment, Sport, Media and Technology. For every puzzle we’re hired to solve, for every project we are tasked to deliver, we design and manage systems and processes geared toward generating value. For our clients. For their customers. For everyone involved.

We believe that design and creation are inextricably linked. Once a puzzle is solved, we work to execute the plan.

With fresh eyes we use our social engagement systems to deliver on the needs of our client. For the most part, events are how we do this. Whether delivering a collaborative environment for 50 global leaders or producing a festival for 50,000 spectators, we hand-build every project supplying clients with everything from organizational modelling, transition planning, financial design, operation systems to participant management and program delivery.

Fantan’s team of producers, project managers, facilitators and creative thinkers is housed in the new Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.

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