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This is my portfolio of videos that I'm creating for Model Society featuring the most talented Models, Photographers and Artists on the planet. I look forward to expanding my efforts beyond still images. I love this art form of video making. It's a great way to reach people.

My work is driven by this conviction... There is something healing in quality art. It returns our shared humanity to its rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation. The celebration of human beauty makes the world a better place for us all.

I have been involved with so many different creative communities and have worked with all kinds of artists. When I started working with models, I was not only inspired to create some of the best work of my life, but I also discovered a culture and community that was the most exciting creative community I have ever encountered.

I'm passionate about images that take people's breath away. I'm passionate about creating beauty that transforms how people see themselves and each other. Most people are not paying attention... Let's show them how beautiful the world really is.

Thank you Bontond for helping me put these beautiful videos together.

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