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Chicago, Illinois

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Jonathan Peck, former President and CEO of the Tucson Urban League has over
23 years experience working within the community development field facilitating
projects, coalitions, and alliances at the neighborhood, citywide, national and
international levels. Jonathan received a BA in African African American Studies
and Political Science from Earlham College. Jonathan worked as a community
organizer, and later as Associate Director, of the Southwest Youth Collaborative
(SWYC), a Chicago based organization dedicated to the development of lowincome
youth of color.
Jonathan Peck is married to Zelda Harris and has two beautiful sons, Jonathan
Russell Thanh and Wesley Chapman Danh Harris-Peck. Jonathan works to impact
the lives of children, youth and families through his commitment to criminal and
juvenile justice initiatives, education and social services and economic and
community development initiatives. Jonathan is passionate about sports, arts and
culture and positive youth development and has over 23 years of experience in the
community sports and youth development field. Jonathan has extensive
international experience most notably, but not limited to, in Southern Africa and
Latin America.


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