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  1. Max Hechtman

    Max Hechtman Plus East Meadow, NY


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    Videographer, Video Editor, Producer; FIT Film/Media Student '19 I have been producing, shooting, and editing videos, ever since I was 12 years old. I have borrowed my style of shooting and editing from various movies and I utilize them to present my short film/documentary/event work in the most…

  2. Ali Kemal Güven

    Ali Kemal Güven Plus İstanbul, Türkiye


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    Ali Kemal Güven (Senarist, Yönetmen) 1986 yılında İzmir’de doğdu. Uluslararası ve ulusal film festivallerinde gösterilen yedi kısa film yazıp yönetti. Amerika ve İngiltere’den önemli senaryo ödülleri kazandı. İlk romanı “Hep Böyle Kal”…

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