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PROJECT [VIDEO]FLANEU®: The artist walks like a „Flâneur“ through the city. He does not have a turtle with him (as the original Parisian Flâneur of the 1830‘s used to); later, he does not write stories (as Edgar Allan Poe or Hans Christian Andersen used to), he does not write poems (as Baudelaire or Rilke used to). He has only a video camera. He takes shots of the city; he takes shots of the “life” of the people of the city, sometimes he also shoots “himself” (...without camera moves, without a zoom lens, without special lighting, with original sound, without permission); he puts the scenes together with no chronological sequence and under different contexts: tales and history, reactions - relations, sounds - words, lights - colours, structures - architectures, incidents - accidents, order - disorder... Not a description of a journey, but „my lyrical reaction, with all my truth and simplicity“ as Federico Garcia Lorca once said about his collection A Poet in New York. films of Vertov, Haneke, Benning, Penalva or Juergen Boettcher paintings of Bosch, Brueghel, Giorgione, Rembrandt or Strawalde photos of Atget, Stieglitz, Friedlander, Lartigue or Cartier-Bresson texts of Benjamin, Krakauer, Bazin, Mc Luhan or Vilém Flusser are important works for dialog and inspiration...

[VIDEO]FLANEU®'s ARCHIVE: The archive has a duration of about 300 hours (with scenes from Berlin, Leipzig, Brussels, Nuremberg, Larissa, Thessaloniki, Cologne, Prague, Dresden, Potsdam, Police, Athens, Halle, Gdansk, Weimar, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Aarau, Basel, Kassel, Dessau, Braunschweig, Brandenburg, Naoussa, Erfurt, Rhodes, Hamburg, Opole, Krakow, Auschwitz, Olomouc, Pavia, Genoa, Plauen, Chalkis, Meissen, Sczcecin, Liège, Enschede, Gronau, Magdeburg, Lisbon, Bratislava, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Altenburg, Jena, Bochum, Neubrandenburg, Saarbruecken, Bonn, Naumburg, Giessen, Marburg …) the last years, more than 50 different own works were presented in more than 250 film/media/art events and institutions in about 100 cities of europe, america and asia...

THE[VIDEO]FLANEU® AS PERFORM.ER: The different ways who natives or guests persons have looking a city in the past (infos, easy to find on books, texts, photos, songs, films, diaries, blogs, websites, etc.) is the base of the vertical flanerie (=strolling) of me as a [video]Flâneu®. When, later, i am in this particular city with my camera and start to feel, see, smell, taste and hear the rhythm, the colours, the structures, the architectures, the women, the childs, the lights, the foods (...), then starts the horizontal flanerie of me on / through the city. A frontal-/diagonal flanerie, that means the meeting with persons who lives right now there, the creation of an intensive relationship with them, as also the meeting with invited artists and the hosting persons of an event, seems to be also an extreme important and probably necessary step to feel the rhythm of the city, to feel the present and the dynamic of the future. The video-takes of my camera are playing between this three different ways of meeting: sometimes they “approve” the stereotypes about the particular city, sometimes they ironised them, sometimes they shows exactly an opposite to the stereotypes. (Strange abstractions, unusual self portraits can also happens..;-) It is a beautiful and unique play-fool situation: Only there, only in this city, only at this particular moment of space you can have the video-takes that you `ve got. Sometimes (probably always), the particular video-take it is “born” because the [video]Flâneu® and his camera is there: People “playing” on the front of a camera, reacting in a different way, not exactly like the moments where is there no camera. And this, without to try, unconsciously, “natural”... If, now, you have someone like me, on the back of the camera, someone who stays there without any movement, sometimes for more than 10 minutes (!), someone who never talks with his “objects”, someone who looks like a statue, or like a street artist, or like a performer, or like “some stupid guy who needs 10 minutes to push the rec button”(!), then the reactions of the “objects” are more normal, or completely strange(.!?) In every case: The [video]Flâneu® is there to play with the city, with himself, with the natives, with the tourists, with the past and the future and the result is to be unique...

more works online you can find here:


short cv

konstantinos-antonios goutos / the[video]Flâneu®

was born on february 11, 1973 in larissa greece

larissa, thessaloniki, athens, kastoria,

vienna, prague, weimar, rome,

berlin, leipzig, krakow, genoa,

lisbon, enschede, halle (saale), paris,

saarbruecken, marburg

are very important stations in his life…

at this moment he [video]strolls (in) different cities of germany

since august 2010 he also creates under the persona the artwertease®



larissa. studies of music (theory, accordeon, piano)


athens. studies of film-directing (l.stavrakos film and tv school)


leipzig. studies of video and media art (academy of visual arts prof: ralf urban buehler and dr. marc ries)


prague. studies of conceptual and intermediate art (academy of arts, architecture and design prof:jiri david) (erasmus programm)



-german-films and ag-kurzfilm travel grant to naoussa, greece
(not held)


-short listed for a residence grant of the apollonia association to thessaloniki, greece (selection ongoing)

-german-films and ag-kurzfilm travel grant to lisbon, portugal (not held)

-dustin! opening film at the mediterranean festival of new filmmakers larissa, greece march 2012


-special mention of the jury for the work dustin! at the lago film fest [section "new signs"] revine lago, italy july 22-30

-gernan academic exchange service (daad) grant for paris, france (may -september)

-german-films and ag-kurzfilm travel grant to bratislava, slovakia


-german-films and ag-kurzfilm travel grant to lisbon, portugal

-enschede, the netherlands three-months artist residency (are holland)

-special mention of the jury for the work life circle live circus life at the festival des images expérimentales et numériques videographies 21 march 24-26 liège, belgium (jury president: jean-paul fargier)

-german-films and ag-kurzfilm travel grant to liège, belgium


-first prize for the work marx reloaded! "monument for the peaceful revolution" kunstverein leipzig december 2, leipzig, germany

-leipzig, germany postgraduate "meisterschueler studium" at the academy of visual arts (mentor: ralf urban buehler)
-PROJECT [video]Flâneu® short listed in the competition of x media forum of the moscow film festival moscow, russia


-krakow, poland art practicum at the national museum with the support of leonardo programm


-honarable mention of the jury for the work the videoFlâneu® shoot himself in 3 different cities at the 6. strange screen film & video festival october 9-13, thessaloniki, greece (jury president: nicky hamlyn)

-special mention of the jury for the work life circle live circus life at the 1. festival of greek film documentaries october 10-14 chalkida, greece (jury president: nikos koundouros)

-prague, czech republic studies of conceptual and intermediate art (academy of arts, architecture and design prof:jiri david) (erasmus programm)

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