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I love music. I’m an experienced music producer / composer and multi-instrumentalist who has been composing, recording and performing music for more than two decades. I have composed / produced music & sound design for film, advertising, multimedia shows and new media. My work has been featured in film, TV, cinema, international trade fairs, promotional videos and award winning multimedia shows.


Music is about emotions and communication – composers communicate mood and emotion through music with the audience. Music provides a universal human language for communications and understanding. Music can be combined with other visual media such as film, images or interactive media and can add otherwise unattainable depth and emotion to all kinds of media and communication. Music without emotions and a clear message is just a bunch of random sounds without proper impact or deeper meaning.

My portfolio:

I love writing songs and music for all kinds of genres and musical styles. I’m not fixed on a specific kind of music. The music in my portfolio is royalty free and exclusive available for licensing on AudioJungle only.

Custom Work:

Feel free to contact me any time if you’re interested in custom music or if you would like a new version, remix or special arrangement of any of the songs in my portfolio.

Follow me:

Don’t forget to follow me. I will upload music tracks on a regular basis on Audiojungle. Thanks!

Thank you for your interest in my music and profile! For any question / feedback / request / feel free to contact me.

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