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Elli Maxine Hanson seeks to explore the possibilities of design thinking for social innovation within her work. She is keenly interested in service design as an interdisciplinary approach of combining different methods and tools from various disciplines. Elli’s diverse academic and professional backgrounds lay the groundwork for her interests in applying design principles to matters of socio-economic global concerns. Her design practice seeks to address the end user experience in all sectors such as retail, transportation, healthcare, and policy. Behind the visual intricacies of Elli’s work lies a strong conviction about cultural, moral and social issues. Elli strives to use design principles to help innovate or improve existing services to make them more useful, usable, desirable, efficient and effective for individuals as well as larger organizations.

Research driven and developed through integrative processes with the end user experience in mind, Elli’s work is largely cross-disciplinary in nature. Inspired by Stanford’s D-School philosophy and Ideo’s methodologies for collaborative design thinking, she combines her skills in design, management and communication through process driven work that is centered by human empathy. Elli is passionate about user-centered and co-creative design work. As an academic, a designer for the future, and a leader in her community, Elli maintains that cross-disciplinary dialogue will always yield stronger results than independent studies. She strives to include as many diverse minds as possible in her design process, as she sees the collaborative potential within those who surround her in all walks of life. Elli enjoys working with and learning from others, and strives to better understand the human experience at every turn in her design work. Her interest in Service Design as an emerging field of meaningful user experiences focuses her work on tangible and intangible mediums; ranging from brand development, business design, product design to package design. Ultimately Elli seeks to tell a story in her design work. She is interested in the narrative nature of things, and is constantly reading the story in everyday objects, visual communication, and individuals. Curiosity fuels her research, but empathy fuels the narratives in her portfolio of work.

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