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I started making films from the age of ten. My first film was the five-minute epic Indiana Jones & the Sacred Treasure on 8mm. By 2000 I was producing and editing digital shorts and features for myself and his friends.

In 2006 I founded my production company, Miles To Go Productions, with the purpose of making my first feature film, The BandWagons, from my own script. The BandWagons premiered at City Screen cinema in York to a sold-out room on November 6th 2007, with further screenings in 2008. A second feature, CrimeFighters, is in pre-production.

More recently, Miles To Go entered Joss Whedon's 'Evil League of Evil' competition to get onto the Dr. Horrible DVD with their entry 'Earl Grey'... and started up a comedy-horror web series, 'Zomblogalypse'. (

Miles To Go Productions also makes music videos; local bands The Sugars, The Lodger, Nine Black Alps, Navvy, Fran Rodgers and Hayley Hutchinson have all made videos with Miles To Go. The company also makes documentaries, and in March 2008 went to Italy to film ‘T-Rex: A Pack of Lies’ for comedian Matt Brierley.

While filming The BandWagons, myself, Ryan de Koning and Finn Riley formed the company Hum-drum, which produces short films and a quarterly underground magazine, which is sold around the country. Hum-drum now produce one short film a month and are developing a feature script. The company has a strong community ethos and works with an eclectic mix of experienced and new filmmakers.

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