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“Mona Youssef is a Canadian fine realist artist with passion for art, since childhood, and with Egyptian background. My first oil painting was sold at age of 12. She has exhibited her artwork locally, nationally & internationally and received numerous awards in Canada, Germany and Austria (First & Second Place Awards, Honorable Mention Awards, Viewers’ Choice Awards and Certificate of Excellence. Mona’s profile has been published in “Who’s is who in Visual Art”; Germany 2008-2009 & 2010 -20011, “Izmir Biennale”; Turkey, Izmir & “Images on Canvas”; Ottawa; Canada - 2011, “Art Shopping” Catalog; Carousal Du Louvre; France; Paris-2010, “London Biennale”, UK, London & “World-of-Art” Catalog; Berlin; Germany - 2010, “Chianciano Biennale”; Tuscany; Italy and "The Sounds of art" Copenhagen; DK- 2009, “Florence Biennale” Florence; Italy and “Chamber of Commerce Courier”, Canada - 2007, Ferrara “landscape “, Italy and “Gallery & Studio” magazine (The world of the Working Artist) NYC - 2005, a “Feature artist” in “Arteast Newsletter”, “Gloucester Art Council” & “Ottawa Art Association” - 2001 & 2005 and in Toronto Star News Papers; Toronto; Canada - 1982. Her exhibitions history started in 1966 during schooling and received Honor Award Certificate 1967 from the former Prime minister of the high education in Cairo; Egypt. In 1982, Mona was commissioned to produce an oil painting of the “Canadian Constitution Act” which was presented to the then Prime Minister of Canada Mr. P. E. Trudeau. In 1999, she had the privilege to receive a thank you letter from Mr. Trudeau expressing how proud he was to hang that beautiful painting in his home.”

Mrs. Youssef has a B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts (measured in Interior and Exterior designs), Commercial Arts Diploma, Certificate of Achievement in Digital Media and Desktop Publishing Diploma with Honor Award. As well, she has worked as an Art Jury member of several international art exhibitions.”

“I believe that art is a manifestation of love, loving the nature around us and the people we share our world with. When we truly love what we do, we do it whole-souled and become professionals at it. Art is a powerful tool and a silent International language that can convey messages to the world reflecting culture, history and civilization. This language can speak up, announce, make known, unify, bring together, support, encourage, share, care for, show compassion and kind feelings toward all. In two words; Art is to LOVE.”
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