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  1. 20:31

    Short Films

    by Jason Ho

    2 Videos

    Films that are shorter than longer ones.

  2. 04:41


    by Jason Ho

    1 Video

  3. 11:38

    Artful Beauty

    by Jason Ho

    4 Videos

    Videos that to me offer the use of the medium as an aesthetic artform using texture, pattern, shape, color, light in a not-neccesarily narrative form, but just feel good watching.

  4. 56:43

    Cyberpunk Films

    by Jason Ho

    13 Videos

    A collection of films that have a futuristic premise, deal with humans and technology, or evoke some sort of imagery of possible future from the world we live in.

  5. 06:27


    by Jason Ho

    3 Videos

  6. 01:07:36

    Color Vibes

    by Jason Ho

    21 Videos

    Color styles, looks, vibes

  7. 33:16

    Slow Motion

    by Jason Ho

    12 Videos

  8. 16:26

    Split Screen

    by Jason Ho

    4 Videos

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