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  1. Claire Morgan Jones

    Claire Morgan Jones Plus London


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    I've been a professional video director, editor and camera operator for 10 years, specialising mainly in online, and I run a production company, CMJ Video. I'm also pursuing a parallel passion for stop motion animation.

  2. GoodFoodRevolution

    GoodFoodRevolution Plus Toronto, Canada


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    Good Food Revolution is Canada's good food and wine news site. Based in Toronto, GFR is published by Good Food Media, a company with a mandate to educate the public about artisanal food. Good Food Revolution is supported financially by a community of sponsors called 'Good Food Fighters':…

  3. John Holdsworth
  4. MelloMedia

    MelloMedia Plus New York City - Rio de Janeiro


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    Production company www.Mello.Media www.andremello.com

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