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We are a Los Angeles-based production company with a current focus on short films. We hope to begin producing feature films in the next year.


  1. Lindsey Loon
  2. Richard Crespin
  3. Laura Scrivano
  4. Film Pro 175 SBCC with Ted Mills
  5. Yay, You Did It
  6. Proud of You
  7. Bartosz Kruhlik
  8. Dylan J. Sauber
  9. El Cid Short Film Night
  10. Ryan Connolly
  11. Drew Mylrea
  12. Nash Edgerton
  13. Abigail Hughes
  14. Two Dollar Radio
  15. Thinking About
  16. Andre Hyland
  17. Olivia Segarra Alcala
  18. Odin's Beard Entertainment

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  1. Kooky Claire commented on OMNIcard
    Very funny! My daughter showed this to me and we wanted to leave a 'thumbs up' review. She keeps repeating "I won the wallet in a raffle." Haha!