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  1. black,mm good last picture in *******s good Elton John smokes.
  2. who am I well Gee im I've been in Blue before,well I look like her in the picture "her head on my shoulder in the early 00's ripped 6'1-6'3" who else am I lol!
  3. kapasa! ash!,ok!,now which one though Grandma at Twist which one "story notes-notes" *I heard it was sad,very very sad* very very sad . . . go over some story notes *o**** you'll find it.
  4. ***RING'S OVER RING'S*** hi is John in please "you can try 74666-158 he'll be there lol!" ***RING'S OVER RING'S*** ahh. the C***k dealer some story notes.
  5. time to go to some con the con "some writing will cover this,very hott! black Coffee"
  6. the Crack dealer on competition you know,took out the whole Sons of Anarachy Show from beganing to end *cigarette*
  7. *the Crack dealer with the corner's covered is very good story notes and wine,the song wicked games by Chris Isaak* and those depositions with his Attorney's so do you know ? ? R. Martinez,every penny.