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Like most filmmakers my first taste of the film industry manifested itself as a runner in a low budget feature film,which led to working on numerous shorts, and supporting artist roles in Beeban Kidron’s ‘Hippie Hippie Shake’ which also starred Sienna Miller and Cillian Murphy.

All of this experience culminated in me becoming a finalist in the Project Talent UK competition of 2007 for Best Music Video, directing a short documentary style music video for PTUK winners Nutty NRG’s ‘Good Music’ single. I just won the GMA awards for Best international Gospel music video 2011 for video "Titi Aiye mi"

Please find below the projects I've worked on....


. 2012 Unspoken (Director/Editor/Producer)

(Selected for festivals below)

The British urban Film festival film festival 2012
Africa in Pictures Film Festival 2012

. 2009 Signs (Director/Writer)

(Selected for several film festivals as seen below)

The 7th Woodgreen international Film festival 2009
The Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival 2009
The Portobello Film Festival 2009
The Curzon Film Competition 2009
The Angel Film Festival 2009
The Bfm Film Festival 2009
Virgin Media Short Film Competition 2009

. 2007 Adjudicator (Storyboard Artist)

. 2003 Dead end promo (Director)

Music Videos

. 2011 Maiojoe Titi Aiye mi (Director/Editor/Producer)
. 2010 Smoke Angle Shades Haha tree (Director)
. 2009 Weike Cant escape (Director/Editor/Producer)

. 2009 Touch2wild Fantasy (Assistant Director)

. 2007 Nutty Nrg Good music (Director)

. 2007 Hannah Rose Doing it in my own time (Director)

Feature films

. 2010 Hippie Hippie Shake (Supporting Artist)

. 2004 The Quiet Storm (Storyboard Artist)

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