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On April 1, 2007, Richie Frieman launched which showcases a different, unique and talented artist/musician/writer/visionary/etc. every 48 hours.

What does PensEyeView mean? Regardless of the profession or medium, it all starts with a pen, paper and a vision. You can stare at the paper all day, write and draw until your hand cramps, rack your brain for answers but once the pen hits the paper, your heart, soul and vision is shown right there in ink. At the end of the day, you can’t deny what you wrote down…And you can’t hide from those raw emotions. It is that vision that we developed

The featured person(s) will be interviewed using our XXQs (twenty questions) and have their work displayed for the world to see. The featured artists come from all over the globe; Europe, US, S. America, Asia, Australia, you name it! The features have shown in some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, shared the stage with some of the biggest musicians in the business and worked with some of the most talented actors, actresses, producers and visionaries in Hollywood. Some of them you have not heard of and some you may have, but we guarantee you will hear of them soon. We keep an up to date archive of features past, for people to view in case they missed a day.

We have successfully created a forum and outlet for the creative environment like no other on the web. There is no other site that offers the present and the future figures in popular culture, a chance to let the world hear their voice and see their work, on such a large/global stage…we plan to fill that void.

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