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  1. Full reference of parameters for the url available here Link:
  2. Dewar Communications, I luv u!
  3. $.getScript(oEmbedEndpoint + '?url=' + url + '&width=480&height=440&callback=' + oEmbedCallback); above is my script. how can i remove title
  4. Hi. Yeh i'm aware of adding that to the html of the embed code however i'm using a shortcode, similar to that of the wordpress plugin that means the only html i input is the videoid=xxxxxxx. So i don;t have the open to change any of that. Which…
  5. I'd like to do this too. I don't mind the vimeo branding, but really need to lose the other stuff.
  6. Any ideas?
  7. Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to remove the title, avatar, share etc from an embedded video? The complication is that i'm using a shortcode to pull the video by only using it's video id. So there is no embed html code to remove those items.…