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Rainy and The Dust are Bristol-based singer/songwriter Rainy, and guitarist Rob York. Together, they bring to the stage beautiful rootsy-acoustic world grooves, infused with the positivity of Rainy’s lyrics and tied together by an eclectic and laid back musical style. A favourite on BBC Radio Bristol and Radio Cardiff, Rainy won the 2011 PRS song writing competition & when people are trying to put a finger on Rainy and The Dust’s sound, they are often compared with the likes of Dave Matthews, G-Love and Paul Simon. In truth, they are nuances of all of the above... and something else entirely!

“Is this the new west coast sound? Like Bill Withers on a surf board or a slacker generation Paul Simon. Rainy’s laid-back grooves get under your skin" Justin Adams (Robert Plant and the Strange Sensations & Tinariwen producer, BBC3 world music award winner '08).

"Soundtrack to the summer!" Sophie Oliver (BBC Radio Bristol)

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