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Combining wheel acrobatics, bespoke structures and rich visual design, Acrojou create contemporary circus performances for events worldwide. A collaboration between Jeni Barnard and Barney White which began in 2006, Acrojou are driven by a passion for communicating through the vibrancy, immediacy and emotive impact of physical storytelling.

Their work has been so far toured to 13 countries, been broadcast on national television in the UK and Israel, and featured in newspaper and magazine articles in the UK, Asia, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and The Czech Republic plus over 200 blogs and online magazines, including Trendhunter, Design taxi, Moscow Times, Architizer and ABC News. In 2013 Acrojou show 'The Wheel House' was MSN ‘Picture Of The Day’ and featured on the Flickr homepage.

“I loved it... I thought it was beautiful. I’m just an ordinary person, no intellectual views on art or performance. It worked for me. All of it.” Anonymous feedback form, Jacksons Lane Theatre.

"Acrobatic virtuosity combined with poetic design." City Mouse magazine, Israel

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