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My name is Omar Uddin and I am a practicing Arabic calligrapher based out of Toronto, Canada. In Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, under the direct guidance of Shaikh Ahmad Adil, I began my study and practice of Arabic calligraphy at the age of 7. After 4 years of study and practice of the art, I was granted my Ijazah, or traditional diploma to practice and teach independantly.

In 2009, I began operation of a Toronto based Arabic Calligraphy business (Elegant Scripts) that provided custom calligraphy artwork for mosques, Islamic schools and conferences across North America. My calligraphic art is also available at several Islamic retailers across the Greater Toronto Area. In 2013, I completed my book “Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy”, one of the first books written in the English language teaching students Arabic Calligraphy to such a degree of comprehensiveness (an E-Book version could be purchased from the “Learn” section of this website)

Today, I spend my time spreading the passion for the art by holding Arabic calligraphy workshops for both children and adults across Ontario. My dream is to provide a centralized platform for all English speaking Arabic Calligraphy enthusiasts to learn the art and share their creativeness.

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