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Daniel Errico is the founder of Pajama Publishing, a new kind of children's publisher. Through traditional books, bestselling ebooks, apps, and even plays, we're here to tell stories about the wonderful world around you and the wonderful worlds that only you can see. It's our goal to inspire and entertain every child we meet. As such, in addition to all of our publishing works, we've created FreeChildrenStories.com.
FreeChildrenStories.Com offers original stories and videos for children, parents, and teachers. We also welcome stuffed lion tamers, aspiring astronauts, retired preschoolers, cloud spotters, pancake enthusiasts, ant herders, rare hat collectors, and anyone else under the sun. With FCS, we strive to create stories with meaningful messages, and we hope that you enjoy watching!

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  1. 'Love' is certainly not 'love' in the perverse manner you twist it to be.
  2. Sickening that the LGBT 'community' is now targeting children for indoctrination/acceptance of this perverse lifestyle via cartoons.