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With employment levels and income falling rapidly for writers, we believe the WGAw needs a pragmatic, forward thinking leadership.

We believe that the Guild’s primary emphasis must be vigorous enforcement of the contract that we already have. We need to be ever more vigilant in ensuring that the companies honor the MBA, particularly the hard-won New Media provisions.

We believe that in 2011 we need to build on the gains of 2007-08, but that that can only be done by building stronger relationships with all of our sister Guilds. We believe that special attention needs to be given to restoring healthy communication with the DGA, which will in all likelihood negotiate its deal first next time around.

We believe in a greater diversity of opinion in leadership, and in moving away from the politicization which has characterized the Guild over the last few years. While we may share the basic beliefs above, there is much we don’t agree on, and what’s more, we want to make sure that there’s room in leadership even for people who disagree with us on these central points.

Through our website, wgk4wga.com, you can get to know us a little better by reading each of our campaign statements plus endorsements from other members who’ve worked with us on Guild affairs in the past.

We urge you to read all the other candidates’ statements carefully, and to be an active participant in this important election.

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