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Bespoke Executive Media Production Services

• Creative and commercial assessment: IP, scripts and ideas

• Representation of international companies in UK

• Co-Production Partnerships: Securing the right co-production partner tailored to the needs and personality of the project

• Pre-Sales: Obtaining pre-sale and acquisition commitments money from key territories towards deficit

• Deal Structuring: Advising on structures for international television projects in the areas of EIS, SEIS, tax credits and other soft money and subsidies

• Deal Management: Supervising and managing deals for productions to ensure timely access to funding and that obligations to international partners are met

• Legal and Accountancy Services; Working with our legal and accountancy partners we offer legal and financial management of projects

• Distribution: Securing the right distributor for a project and seeking to maximise returns to the original creators/owners of the programming

• Cash-flowing: Providing a "one stop shop" for cash-flowing of tax credits and the discounting of bankable broadcaster contracts

• Production Infrastructure: Providing "A list" talent with a production and financing infrastructure to enable them to produce successful projects

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