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Lebensfreude: zest for life, joie de vivre, soulfulness, high spirits.

Lebensfreude Records embodies the heart and soul of Berlin and channels the city’s energy into an exciting and eclectic label that not only focuses the usual House & Techno genres, but everything in-between as well. Lebensfreude, meaning “zest for life” is the underlying message and feel of the label – animating spirit and liveliness.

A network of performers, music lovers and party enthusiasts, Lebensfreude takes Berlin electronic music on a trip without an advisor - visualize a thrilling and adventurous journey into the unknown without the tour guide. Consequently Lebensfreude has conceived a uniquely twisted sound
that conveys a new understanding of deep, between dark, a Dadaist lust for experiment and a thorough delight in new sonorities on the dance floor – and beyond.

The mantra that Lebensfreude is trying to channel through its diverse music approach is to break away from traditional normalities that surround the electronic scene and create their own unique blueprint. Embracing diversity, risk taking and unheard sounds, Lebensfreude is taking raw and emotional musical expressions that reflect their “zest for life” attitude.

So sit back, relax and stay on board the Lebensfreude vessel that will keep pushing the boundaries into the exciting realm of the unknown.

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