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waco texas

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My name is belize boy I am a 29 year old rapper, vocalist, and I write all of my own work, and record it as well. I have recognition from major artists around the world. I’ve been writing since i was 2 years old. I find myself, and others find me uniquely different from other artists. People, including major artists tell me I’m far smarter, and have 110% more work ethic then rappers 3x my age at only 29 years old. I’ve made connections with amazing artists from USA, Belize, The UK, And Other Amazing Countries completely by myself. Im proud to be able to say I’m far more talented then a good amount of rappers my age and twice my age.


  1. Greg Williams
  2. Destin To Be Management
  3. Erica Maria
  4. Robert Cooper
  5. G Films
  6. laurie lynch
  7. Doughty Collective
  8. Giovanni Tha King
  9. Barrett Hustle