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Welcome to the video side of Laos Essential Artistry. Laos is our passion and we are proud to feature some of the finest in Lao silk textiles and handicrafts on our website at All our textiles are hand-woven or hand-embroidered and reflect artisan excellence, coming from weavers, artists, and galleries where we have taken the time to establish personal, professional and principled relationships.

At Laos Essential Artistry we understand that the quality of a textile is dependent on the structure of the weave and not just the visual appearance of its fibers, and we like to think that all the weavers, artisans and galleries that we represent, “the individual yarns and varying patterns,” are woven together cohesively and meaningfully in our website in a way that allow you to develop more of a deep understanding and appreciation of these incredibly talented weavers and artisans in Laos.

Although we sell textiles and handicrafts on our website at, we are passionate about all things Laos and we think the videos we post here will reflect this passion.

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