ryoko akama

huddersfield, UK

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A Japanese sound/visual artist/composer. Graduated from SAE College in London, She began her musical career as a Sound Engineer and experienced at several studios. She runs Melange Records since 2000.Her works have been performed and commissioned worldwide and published in the past under the name,Ryo Co. and Ryoko Kuwajima.She is also a member of the lappetites with Eliane Radigue/Kaffe Mattews/AGF and have been active as a collaborator on different projects with multidisciplinary artists.
Her apprenticeship to Mrs. Yatotaka Kineie on Nagauta (Jp traditional music) singing/shamisen practice since 2005 has taken her artistic insight to deeper research on traditions and cultural concerns, which guided her to PhD study at the University of Huddersfield, under the guidance of Liza Lim and Monty Adkins.

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