cory megs

poe-kip-see, NY, USA

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pretty much everything i upload here is fun pointless shenaigans with my friends. because honestly, there is no better type of shenanigan.

a few words about myself, i spose:
quirky. huggable. laughy. sloppy perfectionist. indecisive. lover of love. coffee.

i always burn the popcorn. and make really odd, uncomfortable analogies.

i like all kinds of art, bubbles (of both the soap and gum persuasion), little notes and messages left on my desk, giraffes, other people's cold hands, cuddling, wind, fire escapes, blankets, whittling, reading, grocery shopping at 2am, alliteration, holding hands, making itty bitty pancakes, guitar hero, making things with my hands, cooking and baking tasty things for people, finding awesome old sports t-shirts in the boys section of village thrift, drinking tea, coffee coffee coffee, and of course, eating things like a dinosaur.


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