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  1. Boris commented on KILL TONY #25
    I can understand that, she would probably just kill the ice house podcast, never to be heard again cuz she will find a way to start some drama.. btw has she sucked someones dick or something? why so emotional at hat joke?
  2. Boris commented on KILL TONY #25
    ghhaaa leee sarah is crazy as fuck isnt she every few weeks she has to bring out some stupid shit... love the podcast. keep it up guys going to have to pay a visit to socal once....
  3. Boris commented on KILL TONY #22
    kimberly needs to change it up., sarah is doing really well
  4. Boris commented on KILL TONY #21
    one of my favorites, sarah has been doing very good,
  5. damn, this one is great... whats with the money handling?
  6. Boris commented on XXXSQUAD #15
    Damn dana is crazy isnt she?
  7. Boris commented on KILL TONY #16
    Loved this one... I agree with the guys about the camel toe, that shits annoying