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Kersten Wirth, founder of MDM-International, he has been working in management of various global companies and various industries.

He gained experience in Sales, Sales Support, Product Management, Catalogue and Media Management, Marketing Management as well as Project Management for PIM and MDM solutions with large emphasis on printed catalogues and websites.

From a hidden champion of electrical equipment, one of the largest telecom companies of that time to one of the worlds largest online retailers, he gained a large set of market knowledge in mostly international roles.

This deep insight in product development, manufacturing and introduction methodology as well as sales support and marketing management assure full understanding of your requirements.

Kersten started to focus on Product Information Management and Master Data Management in the early 1990´s where both software and awareness of requirement was generally low in the entire industries. Offering market leading solutions and services next to outstanding speed of introduction and continuous improvement are his mayor assets.

Lately focusing on high volume, outsourced content generation and PIM Project Management for one of the largest global retailers has further extended his experience in the value chain.

Right now his key customers are well known, highly recognized, fashion and lifestyle retailers.

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