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Alexandra Indaco (1976) graduated in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam and Buenos Aires and made her first documentary during the downfall of Argentina's economy, starting in 2001. The White Elephant narrates the lives of three generations of women in Buenos Aires biggest slum 'The Hidden City'.

Her second film narrates the stories of a group of Schizophrenic patients in the Amsterdam Clinic Dolhaantjes straat. During a considerable period of time they filmed themselves and their world around them. Alexandra followed them in their daily lives of dreams, longing and conflicts. Lemcek Veci Vano was made in 2009 and was broadcasted on Dutch Television and was part of a campaign of mental health in The Netherlands.

Filmfestivals: UNESCO Open Frame, BAFICI, Cuba Low Budget Documentary Festival, Amsterdam Amnesty International FIlm Festival, Latin American Film Festival Utrecht, Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival, Buenos Aires Human Rights Film Festival, Al Jazeera Film Festival.

Dick Scherpenzeel Student Award - 2005
Nominated for VanderSypen Award - for Best Latin American Documentary - 2007

Markets: IDFA, HOTDOCS, FIPATEL, Thessaloniki, Mar del Plata, etc

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