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San Francisco, CA

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Kirk McGuire is a born artist with a lifelong curiosity for nature and wildlife. His signature trait of capturing movement and detail is from his intense love, curiosity and study of each species. Each sculpture is made of 'hot cast' bronze, using the ancient 'lost wax' casting method. Making heavy stationary object's appear 'light as air' is another of his stand out traits. In 1984 Kirk began a nine year apprenticeship at the Monterey Sculpture Center. Perfected his bronze technique from experience and creation. Kirk McGuire is a master sculptor and the following bronze sculptures are examples of his exquisite talent. The elegance of his bronze work is prominent in all his creations, each a true piece of fine art in a limited edition.

The eye-catching detail will dazzle anyone fortunate enough to display one of his lovely creations. In his 30 year sculpting career he has created more than 1,500 unique bronze sculptures, which have been collected and displayed around the world. His work has been sold to high-end art galleries, collectors, featured in magazines and on television, and he’s been commissioned by the Malaysian Princess of Jonor Baharu.

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