Botega Dance Company

Rome - New York

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BOTEGA DANCE COMPNAY is a breeding ground of dancers coming from different formative experiences and sharing a strong disposition towards artistic research and the contamination of styles. Their leader Enzo Celli has always defined Botega Dance Company as a group of dancers characterized by the coexistence of different dancing styles. Botega Dance Company’s dancers technical background includes contemporary, ballet, break dance and hip-hop. Although Botega’s dancers follow a common artistic research based on the style contamination and the choreographic coherence, their own artistic nature has not been perverted.
Botega Dance Company ‘s style is based on a strong theatrical and physical impact. Although it isn’t a theatre-dance company, theatrical elements are important subjects belonging to the company artistic background. Therefore each dancer can dance as a soloist and put his own individuality on stage.

Artistic Director: Enzo Celli
Associated Artistic Director: Elisabetta Minutoli
General Manger: Fulvio Pallisco
Chief Executive Officer JonathanL: Giacomo de Santis
Production: Scenoma
Executive Production: Jonathan L
Comunication: GBY