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Whitstable, Kent

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Blair Booth Music presents it's new launch of Ice Cream Music Film Animation dedicated to children.

Our first single is Little White Horse which Blair wrote, produced and sang. Danny Phillips contributed to the animal sounds and played guitar.

Ice Cream produces music to encourage kids to learn. We also have a fantastic media section and our music is available for use in TV, Film and Advertising.

More great tracks are in the making. But do have a listen to Book Worm which is a sister track to Little White Horse.

Blair Booth has a long history and has been a major artists with top ten albums and hit singles in the UK. She is one of the few women who writes, produces, engineers, programs and arranges all her own music. She's has an amazing voice and is an accomplished pianist.

She has written and recorded with many notable artists such as Robert Plant, Terry Hall (The Specials, Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka), Nick Heyward to name a few.

But most notably Blair was the front woman, writer and co-founder of 90s hip hop trio Oui 3 which took the charts by storm.

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