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I am a 2nd year Graphic Design Student at Salford Universtiy (Motion Pathway). I am also the organizer of a free monthly creative meetup in Manchester called "Drinkn'Doodle" ( On my spare time I love to photograph people. Before I started at Salford University, I attended a three month intensive graphic design course at Shillington College and then interned for a digital agency called Meri Media down in London. After that, I worked as a Junior Graphic Designer for an online retailer in Manchester.

If you'd like to see my obsession with mood boards and where I keep all my design inspiration organised, please check out my Pinterest boards:

If you prefer to have a look at my incoherent but creative thought process please head to my blog:

Or if you prefer to look at some of my previous communication work I did at Shillington College, and some of my personal work go here:

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