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So you've got a short film, a feature film, video-game or commercial. The color grading is spot on, the editing is slick and the acting is excellent, you're just missing one crucial element: sound! Music, Foley effects, sound mixing, on location sound, the list goes on. You need professional quality sound to match your film, but with out a dedicated studio, equipment, and personnel, it's hard to come by. That's where we come in. Here at Riff-Raff Soundworks, we offer professional quality audio solutions at affordable rates. We know firsthand how crucial high quality audio and music is to a video production, and we strive to make sure everything we output is of the highest quality. We do full movie scores, soundtracks, Foley effects, sound mixing and sound design and local area on-location sound. We have a large range of equipment and software to handle any production. Be it a full film score or a thirty second commercial spot, we have you covered. So if you need professional audio to match your project, give us a call.


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