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Gather round, children. It's time for a little history lesson.

Born on a cool Monday evening, sometime in the 80s, during the month of April, somewhere near the end of the month, I came forth into this world blazing -- if I may quote the late, great Dylan of the even later and greater band...Da Band -- "hot fiyah."

Fast forward to 2009.

With a clear disregard for anything sacred (e.g. Banh Mis) I moved to Los Angeles -- jeez, I'm going to sound like a cliche heard in every movie about someone moving to LA, ever -- on a whim. (Ugh!) It's here I've fined tuned my love for film. When one has nothing to do all day, one will get curious and venture out of one's comfort zone. I don't know this "one" guy, but I hate him. Thanks to the ever knowledgeable folks at The Auteurs, I've come to, not only love film, I've grown a passion for it. I defend the puny filmmakers when put up against the filmmaking giants (I'm looking at you, Kubrick.)

When an obscure film needs saving, I'm there. When a worn out piece of celluloid needs discussion, I'm there. When a lost print needs finding, I'm there. I don't eat. I don't sleep. I don't even breathe, alright I breathe, but never more than necessary. I am what fanboys fear at night.

*I am Batman.*

P.S. Not to be confused with the superhero Batman, I am Batman, Turkey. Yes, an entire province. I tried to sue WB for copyright infringement, but that went nowhere.

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