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  1. Nicholas Kramer

    Nicholas Kramer PRO California


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    This is an old bio. I should probably update it... later. Meanwhile, enjoy some old me stream-of-consciousness: I've been wanting to make films since age six. Why six? Its when I stole my parents video camera, and only gave it back when they asked nicely. 8-) I'd consider myself a proficient…

  2. Didier PHILIPPE
  3. World International Pictures

    World International Pictures PRO Jerkwater, USA


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    Specializing in Ultra Low-Budget Horror, Crime and Exploitation videos. COMING SOON: "THE SEX COPS" Trailer "NIGHTMARE MOVIES" Trailer "HOT FLASH" Trailer "FART BROS IN THE WINDY CITY" Trailer "GASH" Trailer ...And More!

  4. Teddy Cool

    Teddy Cool Dallas


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    Promotional and music orientated video content.

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