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CrossFit Sydney
is a purpose built Strength and Conditioning facility that has CrossFit methodology at its center for training individuals to obtain fitness goals.
Strength and Conditioning protocols suit any fitness goals from sport specific beginner to elite athlete,outdoor pursuits,daily life and rehabilitation from injury

Strength and Conditioning Protocols apply to all individuals with a focus on creating functional strength,strength endurance, anaerobic and aerobic recovery.

Located at 32 McCauley St Alexandria Sydney 2015
400 sqm of dedicated Areas split into:

CrossFit Conditioning Area
Ropes, Rings, KBs, Barbells, Bumpers, Dynamax Med Balls, Chin Bars

Olympic Lifting Area
Platforms, Power Racks, Hang Block, Jerk Blocks

Endurance Area
Row, Ski, Bike, Versa Climbers, Boxing

Warm Up Area
Skipping, Sprint Drills, Rowing

Core Stretch and Mobility Area
Rollers, Back Balls, Stall Bars, Trigger balls, Bolsters

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