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LAPTOP SI UNYIL (LSU) is one of the TRANS|7 news programs produced for family and children. The vision of this program is to give inspiration for creating, developing and innovating something new with the potential we have. The mission of LAPTOP SI UNYIL is giving general knowledge about producing everything that is useful in our lives, (such as home equipment: television, watches, refrigerator, etc), innovation & technology, festival/special event, traditional games, food (traditional & manufactured), and unique souvenirs.

During the show, there will be appearances of a puppet named Si Unyil. Si Unyil’s appearance is important for connecting young viewers with the knowledge we bring. Si Unyil is a popular puppet in Indonesia. Si Unyil describes an Indonesian child, who wears a typical Peci and sarong. Besides Si Unyil himself, sometimes he is accompanied by his puppet friends (e.g Melani, Usro, Embul, Miku, Pak Ogah, Pak Raden, etc). Si Unyil portrays an Indonesian child who has a big curiosity about something new, something different, so he will gain new knowledge from that. Si Unyil will invite viewers to gain new information and knowledge. That will teach young viewers to learn and know new things are very fun.