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  1. Yeah your bow is powerful, you shoot accurate,,and only the arrow knock broke.
  2. Getting the arrow closer to your aiming eye is the purpose of your shooting style ? or something else? .
  3. The WORSE archer I've ever seen, even got his by his arrow,,,,BAD ,,BAD,, and what ever is next to BAD.
  4. Not impressive at all,,,Humanity is ready for what?,,,,this linear undeveloped Hindu music,,,and the Fibonacci series will take humanity nowhere near readiness.
  5. This girl is deliciously beautiful, Oh my god thank you, the song sounds so tender, the voice so nice, I wish this was my girlfriend for ever.
  6. Wow that's fantastic, what is the cost of all that fun.
  7. Nice try John but I could hardly hear you or see you or your bow the light came from the wrong angle. Thanks anyway.
  8. Thank you for your response, yes I saw it,,, does John have videos of the construction of his nice bows ? Thanks.