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We are Hogo, two people born in 1985 in France.
We spend our days building patches with Max/Msp, with strong emphasis on yummy good-looking interface.
We work around the idea of network, with our patches connected altogether, sending sound and data to each other, resulting in a constant ping-pong.
The idea is to have a dynamic network that creates sound events and surprises, all this monitored live by our hands, in order to give 010110-humanchoices feeling.

We avoid any use of plugins or effects, focusing on synthesis or a complete make-up of a recorded guitar with our own tools.

We are basically laptopmusicians and sound designers, we would love to work with any visual artist, choregrapher, videast, architect, botanist, or anything that you are, so if you are interested in our work, don't hesitate to say "hello". We are still young and new in this field, we can't wait for collaborations and meeting people.

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