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  1. breana marquez
  2. Lestat Saenz

    Lestat Saenz Upland


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    Just guy shifting through the endless counts of classic films in my cabinet; getting inspired by divine hair styles of Bardot & Fonda. While learning a way to pay homage to great costume designer Adrian & Wallace. Future costume/hair designer for Hollywood entertainment industry.

  3. gal shkedi

    gal shkedi Plus tel-aviv, israel


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    Gal is animation director, illustrator and characters designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is represented by Partizan as a commercial and music video director. Gal has developed a beautifully composed style that can be seen across a broad range of his projects. Whether it is a TV spot, music video,…

  4. Martin Woutisseth

    Martin Woutisseth Plus Osaka, Japan


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    Graphic & motion designer independant -- Website : www.martinwoutisseth.com Contact : mwoutisseth@gmail.com

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