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Legacy Films & Media, LLC is a production and distribution company of feature films, television programs, and related media. Our goal is to create stories that are highly entertaining, informative, and inspire audiences. To accomplish this, our films are primarily told in emotionally charged stories.

We are actively engaged in various stages of production for numerous films and television programs. A recent film entitled "The Narrow Road" has had a theatrical release, has been broadcast nationally, and is now in DVD distribution through numerous sources, including Netflix. More detailed information is available at thenarrowroadmovie.com.

We are also working actively with other film producers and entertainment industry artists to further develop the film and entertainment choices you have available through our studio.

Legacy Films and Media, LLC
115 E. Gish Rd.
Suite #246
San Jose, CA 95117
Phone (408) 358-5120
Fax (408) 356-3433

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